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why us ?

Access to lucrative markets

Years of experience in child entertainment

Work directly with
the founder(s)

Highly efficient and time-tested systems

Detailed training process

Vendor relationships

Lower risk of failure

Quick Facts

Start-Up Costs:


Square Footage:
6% of gross sales

Monthly Royalty:
6% of gross sales

Monthly Local Ad:
1% of gross sales

Hours of Operation:
10:00 am - 10:00 pm

About Us

Did you know?

Role-playing is an interactive technique that enables children to discover real-world situations. Including this entertainment activity in their academic program will make them realize their abilities and explore future career choices. 


Revenue Streams

  • Birthday Party Packages
  • Diver Club
  • Private Play Date
  • School Visits



We work directly with you and local commercial real estate brokers to identify locations, as well as advise you on lease negotiation. We will continue to provide support and construction insights.

As part of your investment you will gain access to our comprehensive training program and operations manual. It’ll prepare you and your staff to handle all aspects of the business, including proper staffing, and customer service etiquette. We’ll share our knowledge with you and provide complete training on all things Diver Mansion to help you successfully launch your new business!

Our mission is to keep your business operations as simple as possible. The simplicity of our established business operations helps you concentrate on running the business while spending time with your team members and making valuable connections with your consumers.

We use unique marketing strategies to keep our regular customers returning and to entice new ones to join us.

In addition to our training program, you will have ongoing support and resources to help keep you and your staff knowledgeable and competitive – from startup and beyond. 

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